Thursday, March 08, 2007

Long overdue

The alumni association is still very much around and so is this blog although it's been some time since the last post.

Back in November,the Association held it's 5th Annual Homecoming and General Assembly which saw the induction into office of the 2007 Board of Directors. I'll do a separte post on this.

Meantime, the Association will be holding a library tour of and forum at the Thomas Jefferson Information Center (TJIC), Roxas Blvd., Ermita, Manila on 12 April 2007. The forum is entitled Outsourcing U.S. Government Website and Other Information Sources. The organizers hope to enrich, widen, and deepen participants' knowledge of information sources available from TJIC and the American Studies Resource Centers (ASRC) around the Philippines. Resource persons for the forum are Elnora Conti and Brinerdine Alejandrino from TJIC and Jocelyn Ladlad from ASRC - De La Salle University.
This library tour and forum is exclusive to alumni members only. Interested members are encouraged to register on or before March 28 to comply with security protocol at TJIC. Registration fee is 100 pesos inclusive of snacks and certificates.

For reservation, please register your COMPLETE NAME; NAME OF INSTITUTION and ADDRESS by sending an email to:;; or

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